Sydney Partyka: Soliloquy of Chaos

Very few kids could have endured with what Sydney Partyka had to face over the past two weeks let alone her entire career. The senior standout from Taft High School on the far northwest side of Chicago has competed in the state cross country meet several times. However, on this occasion through obscurity and madness, she perseveres.

Partyka received news late Friday evening that she and her teammates, as well as scores of Chicago Public League cross country runners, get an opportunity to compete in state-qualifying sectionals. It did not matter that it was unseasonably cool (upper 30s at game time), course muddy, and downright nasty outlook, Partyka did not waste the challenge in placing 18th overall with a time of 18:49. She was the fifth qualifier advancing to the state meet and one last chance to reach her ultimate goal of becoming an all-state runner.

Partyka's profile in a snapshot 

300 Meter Dash48.41
800 Meter Run2:27.57
1600 Meter Run5:12.67
3200 Meter Run11:16.23
800 Meter Run2:22.99
1500 Meter Run4:50.03
1600 Meter Run5:08.25
One Mile Run5:10.11
3200 Meter Run11:41.67
1.x Mile Run12:31.42
Two Mile Run11:34.33
Three Mile Run17:46.88
5000 Meter Run19:30.80