Elmwood Boys Grab Class A Pre-Season Top Spot

Head Coach: Carl Florczyk
Last Year's Finish: 12th- State Championship
Key Returners: McKallen Smith (Sr.), Evan Wilkerson (Jr.), Cade Smith (Jr.), Keary Thompson (So.)
Projected Top 7: M. Smith, Wilkerson, C. Smith, Thompson, Aidan Schlichting (Sr.), Jack Parker (Sr.), James Trentman (Jr.)
Key Additions: Unknown
Unexpected Losses: Unknown
Milesplit's Outlook: The Mighty Midgets have been a big presence in the twitter realm as well on the the grass the past few years. They return to make another push towards a top 10 finish at the state meet. Having a solid 1-3 split of around 5 seconds and having a solid fourth runner in Keary Thompson, the only question remains is who will their fifth runner be? It is projected to be Aidan Schlichting who ran 18:21 last season. They need to find someone quickly who could at least break 18:00 if they want to be highly successful this upcoming year.

Head Coach/Coaches: Jim Helton/Russ Hart
Last Year's Finish: 14th- State Championship
Key Returners: Tyler Guthrie (Jr.), Zach Brasel (Sr.), Brandon Ahring (Jr.), Tanner Fox (Jr.)
Projected Top 7: Guthrie, Brasel, Ahring, Fox, Noah Beltremea (Jr.), Andrew Dupy (Jr.), Nolan Shearer (Fr.) Key Additions: Nolan Shearer (Fr.), Riley Strack (Fr.), Evan Rybak (Fr.)
Unexpected Losses: None
Coach Helton's Outlook: Over the past couple of years, we've gradually increased our volume and intensity; started a track program, and getting buy-in from our student-athletes. Two years ago, we qualified for Sectionals, last year State, now let's look at top-10. In track in our first year, one state qualifier, then this past year two individuals and a 4 x 800m relay team. Tyler gives us a nice low stick, finishing just out of all-state recognition last year motivated him through the winter, and he had a very nice track season running 4:31 in the 1600m/qualifying for state. He has looked strong this summer. Zach/Brandon/Tanner should give us a formidable pack in the 2-4 spots. Zach, sr. the captain is leading the summer, and he/Brandon are training side-by-side, with Tanner a bit off their pace. Who is going to be #5? Noah Beltremea has been a summer regular. Andrew Dupy/Clayton Scott was basketball-heavy this summer, with Diego focusing on soccer. Our split 1-4 will be decent, with our #5 either coming from that group or a promising freshman. Can we continue to improve? Taking the next step in a consistent effort (what happens when no one is looking), and the continual development of TEAM will be key.

Head Coach/Coaches: Michael Melick/ Jacob Ludy, Katie Ludy
Last Year's Finish: 7th- State Championship
Key Returners: Asa Smith (So.), Nathan DeMarb (Jr.), Mason Ringger (Jr.), Matt Ingalsbe (Sr.), Noah Ludy (So.)
Projected Top 7: Smith, DeMarb, Ringger, Ingalsbe, Ludy, Sebastian Meyer (Jr.), TJ Supan (Fr.)
Key Additions: Sam Bushert (Fr.), Payton Romersberger (Fr.), TJ Supan (Fr.)
Unexpected Losses: None
Coach Melick's Outlook: The boys have logged solid miles this summer and will be coming in stronger than last year, so we can be a little more patient with our in-season training, that will hopefully lead to some more consistent training this fall. 

Head Coach/Coaches: David Remmert/ Scott Burnsmier, Hannah Remmert
Last Year's Finish: 3rd- State Championship
Key Returners: Luke Sokolowski (Jr.), Morgan Dixon (Jr.), Josh Baysore (Jr.), Holden Miller (Jr.)
Projected Top 7: Sokolowski, Dixon, Baysore, Miller, Ed Mitchell (So.), Jackson Grambart (So.), Joey Wenke (Jr.)
Key Additions: None
Unexpected Losses: None
Coach Remmert's Outlook: I'd like to believe that we have a solid core of runners returning. But I've learned that there are also many teams in the same situation, and it seems that every year things get tougher and more competitive. I like to focus on our work and, good Lord willing, we'll be there in the end!

Head Coach: Daniel Andrews
Last Year's Finish: 7th- Elmwood Sectional
Key Returners: Ethan Black (Jr.), Ian Hale (Sr.), Terry Hendriex (Sr.), Ty Brennan (Sr.), Aidan Shanks (So.), Brennen Wolfe (Jr.)
Projected Top 7: Black, Hale, Hendriex, Brennan, Shanks, Wolfe, Max Stauffer (Sr.)
Key Additions: Unknown
Unexpected Losses: Unknown
Carson's Outlook: This is a very intriguing team as they can have a very good pack running team in 1A which is something you don't always see often. In 1A, a star runner can easily take you downstate and place well. Having Ethan Black and Ian Hale together then having Terry Hendriex, Ty Brennan, and Aidan Shanks run together we can very well see the Maroons have a great season.

Head Coach: Kerry Trueblood
Last Year's Finish: 11th- State Championship
Key Returners: Noah McIntyre (Sr.), Joseph Goodenow (Sr.), James Goodenow (Sr.), Will Hill (Sr.), Kyle Sholtis (Sr.), Hayden Thomas (Jr.)
Projected Top 7: McIntyre, Jo. Goodenow, Ja. Goodenow, Hill, Sholtis, Thomas, Kole Bringolf (Jr.) Key Additions: Unknown
Unexpected Losses: Unknown
Carson's Outlook: Could this be the last dance for the Warriors as this marks the final year of the McIntyre's dominance in the classification. This team will ride on how successful that McIntyre is. Running 15:27.60 last spring the expectations are high and after running 2:00.20, 4:25.58, and 9:56.20 watch for him the challenge for the state title this year. With the Goodenow twins and Will Hill rounding out the top four, it leaves the question of who will be the Warriors 5th man? Right now it looks to be Kyle Sholtis who ran 17:33.20 last year. If they can drop him down the sub 17 then they will be in a very good spot.

Head Coach/Coaches: Doug Mynatt/ Rachael Brewer
Last Year's Finish: 5th- State Championship
Key Returners: Aryan Lalwani (Jr.), Henry Kraatz (Sr.), Matty Tang (Sr.), Nicolas Ramkumar (Sr.), Aniket Gargya (Jr.), Ethan Ashbrook (Sr.)
Projected Top 7: Lalwani, Kraatz, Alex Dolcos (Jr.), Tang, Laufenberg, Gargya, Ashbrook
Key Additions: Alex Dolcos (Jr.)
Unexpected Losses: Ian Evensen (So.)
Coach Mynatt's Outlook: High hopes, but highly questionable looking at certain scenarios. We legitimately have 2-3 athletes capable of running top-25 at state
Milesplit's Outlook: The Illineks may have a questionable scenario, but they do regain an amazing runner in Alex Dolcos who was the team's 4th runner when he was a freshman. Dolcos took a break from running this past fall to play soccer but rejoins for his sophomore campaign. If everything goes well for the Illineks, they can very well enter the name into the hat for the state title.

Head Coach/Coaches: Dave Ladehoff
Last Year's Finish: State Champions
Key Returners: Isaiah Ditta (Sr.), Trevor Swanson (Sr.), Jerod Snejberg (Sr.), Blake Stua (Sr.), Christian Ladehoff (Jr.), Caden Chamness (Sr.)
Projected Top 7: Ditta, Swanson, Snejberg, Stua, Landehoff, Chamness, Hunter Davis (So.)
Key Additions: Carter Swanson (Fr.)
Unexpected Losses: None
Coach Landehoff's Outlook: Last season we had a terrific 1-2 punch form Isaiah and Jeremy. This year, Isaiah is much stronger and faster and should contend as state individual champion. Now I have a 2-3 punch with Trevor and Jerod. Jerod is gunning for a better state finish than his brother Jeremy accomplished at 2018 IHSA Cross Country. Jerod and Christian are about 5" taller than last season and still have their quick leg turn-over. Caden and Blake are coming off a track season where they both set PR times in every event they ran both are seeking the 5th man position currently.

Head Coach/Coaches: Mike Neisler/ David Stine
Last Year's Finish: 4th- State Championship
Key Returners: Jon Neville (Sr.), Logan Wheeler (Jr.), Charlie Kistner (Jr.), Anthony Ragland (So.), Parker Kistner (Sr.), Owen Dare (So.)
Projected Top 7: Neville, Wheeler, C. Kistner, Ragland, P. Kistner, Dare. Dylan Bennet
Key Additions: Dylan Bennet (So.)
Unexpected Losses: None
Coach Neisler's Outlook: This should be a fun season, success will come as we do what we do and stay healthy.
Milesplit's Outlook: It was really hard to choose between Stanford Olympia and Elmwood for who should top the classification top start the year, but the Trojan's history bested the one of the Spartan's. A team that returns all of their top 7 from last season, adds another threat in Dylan Bennet who performed amazingly during the track season. The Trojan's can easily take the number one position at any point this year.