Grown Men Talk: The Bridge Between Old School and New School

We set out to tackle a prevailing voice in the track and field community: the divide between the Old School and New School training philosophy. We deployed some respected voices during a stop along the summer track and field circuit. Take a peek or listen to some very engaging thoughts on the past as well as some new elements within our great sport.


0:00-4:07 Aurora Flyers Coach Thomas Boatright intro

4:08-6:23 Proviso West Coach Johnny Jenkins

6:24-10:01 Coach P and Carson Vittorio intro and interrogate Coach Boatright

10:02-10:48 Coach P vs. Johnny Jenkins (first shots)

10:49-18:11 Coach Boatright breaks it down

18:23-23:58 Enter Michael Papper- part 1 of new school infusion

24:05-26:22 IHSA Long Jump legend Steve Battle goes in on the new school jumpers
26:32-48:08 Papper breaks down the "Feed The Cats" philosophy; attacks Clyde Hart and questions old school methods