Distance Running 360: How Did 2018-19 Class 1A Girls Do?

High school sports are 360 degrees in nature- a full circle if you will. Most long distance runners will begin their quest during the early months of summer training for cross country. The three months of training that kids put in are an attempt to run in the state championship in November. For the few lucky ones, they will go on and compete in Nike Cross Nationals, Foot Locker or some other post-season meet. But what has been lost in the sauce is the entire school calendar which runs through the winter indoor campaign and finally back around to the all-important outdoor track and field season. We wanted to chronicle the very beginning and end. Obviously, athletes get lazy after cross country or hurt. Some play other sports in the spring-like lacrosse, club soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc.

(disclaimer: actual number in terms of placement may be added to bring the context of field size; i.e "last place" in a 12-12 person field)
1Emma Argo- Competed in 2A track; did not advance in any solo events at state. 3200- 11:37.49 PB; anchored 3rd place 4x800r12Eureka High School16:59.731
2Lydia Roller- Competed in 2A; state- 4th in 3200/2nd in 1600; PBs: 4:59.60 (mile), 3200 (10:50.25)10Staunton High School17:18.160
3Amelia Mclain- Competed in 2A; state- 2nd in 800, 8th in 160011Benton High School17:26.770
4Katelyn Robbins- Placed in state track (7th/3200, 9th/1600), 11:19.83 SB12Liberty High School17:29.030
5Karlie Hey- Placed 16th at state (3200), 9th (1600/5:29.39)10Newman Central Catholic High School17:29.450
6Maya Stovall- Competed in 2A; did not advance to state in any events; 5:31.27i PB, 11:45.61i PB12Macomb High School17:29.780
7Julia Wolke- State 3200/6th; 1600/8th (5:21.86 PB)9Christian Liberty Academy17:35.160
8Carly Manchester- State 3200/5th; 1600/4th9Immaculate Conception17:39.732
9Payne Turney- Competed in 2A; 800 state champ, 2:15.59i PB; 11th/1600 11Clinton High School17:41.270
10Ailey Mitchell- 3rd in 1600 state, state 3200 runner up; 3200 best of 10:57.6611Shelbyville High School17:42.430
11Fran Hendrickson- 1600 PB of 5:10.63... 3rd/state 1600; Top Times 1600 champion11St. Thomas More High School17:43.510
12Bailee Fortney- Competed in state 1600 (14th prelims), 5:21.81 SB11Rock Falls High School17:43.953
13Natalia Martino- Competed in state 1600 prelims; 12th state/320010Winnebago High School17:45.274
14Alexi Fogo- Competed in 2A; ran on 3rd pl 4x800r; 1600 (5:12.88 PB); 3200 best/11:33.71i10Eureka High School17:46.335
15Caroline Gwaltney- State 3200/15th... 12:03.01 PB; 1600 (5:50.44 PB)11Williamsville High School17:48.566
16Gabrielle Spain- State 800/last place... 2:21.86 PB; state 1600/23rd prelim9Shelbyville High School17:54.130
17Molly Raymond- Did not advance to state in any event; 3200 (12:57.93 PB)11Herscher High School17:59.257
18Bailey Harris- Competed in state 1600 (26th prelims)9Knoxville Senior High School18:00.260
19Caroline Bachert- Competed in 2A; ran on 12th place (last) 4x800 relay; 800 (2:30.33 PB); 3200 (11:50.02 PB)10Tolono Unity High School18:02.238
20Tori Fasano- Competed in state 800 & 1600 prelims; 1600 (5:38.15 PB)11Beecher High School18:02.819
21Cassidy Bagby- State 3200/33rd place... 11:43.86 PB12St. Joseph-Ogden High School18:04.1410
22Hailey Janssen- State 1600/7th place;  1600 (5:15.67 PB); state 3200/4th place... 11:25.58 PB12Beecher High School18:07.2611
23Katie Erb- State 1600/15th prelims... 1600 (5:24.61 PB)12Winnebago High School18:11.7612
24Tessa Wiegand- Competed in 2A; ran on 3rd pl 4x800 state; 800/12th pl (last) 12Eureka High School18:12.7813
25Anika Kimme- State 3200/26th place12Urbana University High School18:15.4314