Exclusive Interview: The Legendary Writer Marc Bloom

Writer Marc Bloom is a legend when it comes to cross country and track & field. Mr. Bloom has been a leader in our field for over 50 years. His Harrier magazine was a reading staple for decades if you were an avid follower of cross country. The magazine and subsequent national team rankings led to the start of Great American and Nike Cross Nationals, which Bloom helped create and continues to be a part of.

Bloom was editor in chief of The Runner Magazine, Runner's World High School Runner and Nike Swoosh magazine. He has written hundreds of running articles for The New York Times, Runner's World, Running Times and other publications such as MileSplit.

Recently, Bloom took a moment out of his busy schedule during the onset of the 2018 NXN to detail a few items that he has witnessed in high school cross country. Enjoy the listen!