Grown Men Talk: The Full Fall Season Rap Session

These true track and field gents give their personal take on the state of affairs. Tonyprepster is the ultimate interrogator and instigator. So grab your coffee, bagel, snack, soda, salad, or whatever and ENJOY!

Table of contents: 

0:00-0:56 Opening Crime Scene

0:57-3:48 Coach Johnny Jenkins relives his 2018 season emotional high/Proviso West HS field house improvements

3:49-5:34 Beware: The Proviso West indoor meet blacklist

5:35-7:30 The football-track talk

7:31-9:11 "I believe in my kids"- Coach Jenkins

9:12-12:22 Coach Jenkins intends to shake up the balance of Illinois boys track and field

12:23-17:48 Sports and Politics

17:49-18:19 Football is a bridge to track

18:20-20:26 Thoughts on coaching strategies/intro to Marcellus Moore

20:27-24:34 Marcellus Moore conversation

24:35-32:53 Top 5 all-time boys debate

32:54-34:00 Outro