Toeing The Line w/ Carson Vittorio: Breaking Down Palatine

Carson is back for another week of his great podcast. This week he is joined by guest Coach Paul Vandersteen and webmaster Tony Jones as they break down the past weekend and preview the upcoming weekend. Make sure to tell Carson who you want to hear on the podcast next week by DMing him at @carson_vittorio , @IllinoisRunNews , or @milesplitil also DM him any questions that you have about running and they will be answered on the show with your name mentioned with it.

[0 - 0:47] Intro

[0 - 29:18] Spill on the Palatine Meet Of Champions Invite lead by Tony Jones

[0 - 44:50] Coach Vandersteen joins Carson and Tony to talk about his team's recent performance at the Culver Invite and answer a few of their questions

[44:51 - 50:43] Carson recaps the Bartlett Invite

[50:44 - 52:43] Carson recaps the Macnider Invite

[52:44 - 55:10] Carson recaps WWS Girls trip to Ohio

[55:11- 57:34] Carson recaps the East Peoria Invite

[57:35 - 59:08] Carson recaps the Springfield Invite

[59:09 - 1:00:35] Carson recaps the Freeburg Invite

[1:00:36 - 1:05:24] Carson previews the Peoria High Invite

[1:05:25 -1:06:42] Carson previews the Locktoberfest Invite

[1:06:43 - 1:09:03] Carson previews the St. Charles North Invite

[1:09:04 - 1:09:34] Carson previews the Elmwood Invite

[1:09:35 - 1:10:05] Carson previews the Freeport Pretzel Invite

[1:10:06 - 1:13:07] Outro