The Detweiller Report: A Look Back In Course Measurement

The Measurement Team

From left to right: John Tucker, Roger Koehler, Tony Jones, Gary Finley, Jay Wight

John Tucker is the Head Cross-Country Coach at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and the founder of On Course Rating Systems (OCRS). He has significant experience measuring cross-country courses with steel tapes.

Roger Koehler is an accomplished Masters Runner and OCRS volunteer course measurer/instructor as well as a retired businessman and investor. He wanted to do this badly enough to put up with John all the way from Virginia to Peoria and back.

Tony Jones is currently the co-publisher of, which is the successor to Illinois Prep Top Times, the journal of high school cross-country and track in the state. He is a former high school and college track and cross-country runner.

Gary Finley is a former Illinois high school track and cross-country runner who was inspired to do this due to the uncertainty surrounding the course record last fall. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Jay Wight is also a former Illinois high school cross-country and track runner and serves as the USATF certifier for the state of Illinois. He has personally measured over 300 road race courses by calibrated bicycle, including the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.