The Illinois Contingent Is Set And Ready To Go At NBON

-Championship Section Competitors-

Section 3 Timed Finals(400m)
2 1545 Hinton, Cameron 18 Franklin Tc-, Re
3 1966 Nagbe, Pearl 19 Herm Tc-Va, Henr
4 240 Miles, Dajour 18 Aurora Flyer, Au
5 1166 Murphy, Bryannia 18 Desoto Swift, De
6 2240 Brown, Kaira 19 Kent Place T, So
7 4200 Gregory, Mary 20 South Lakes, Res
8 2995 Perry, Mykala 20 Neumann-Gore, Pa
Dajour Miles (Jr., West Aurora) 400m

-It will be interesting to see how Cinnamon does in this very competitive race. It's weird to think that in three years Miles has only been defeated three times. The major reason this race will be interesting is because of Dajour hurting herself at her sectional meet. Dajour only ran the 400m at state and still dominated the field, we will have to see if she still has lingering issues with that injury. 

Section 2 Timed Finals (800m)
2 3283 Paige, Netunji 18 Paige-Netunj, Yp
3 4301 Chawonza, Alfred 19 St Benedicts, Ne
4 1159 Little, Kenneth 18 Derby Tc-Ct, Der
5 3641 Woods, Theo 19 Ram Tc-Va, Lynch
6 561 Brittenham, HughL 19 Brittenham-H, Fo
7 1297 Green, AJ 20 Eastview Tc-, Ap
8 1371 English, Joshua 18 English-Josh, Ch

Joshua English (Sr., Eisenhower HS) 800m 

-This young man emerged on the scene in the most urgent way possible in the latter half of the season. Only having a PR of 1:56.36 going into sectionals, English defeated the favored Ryan Birkmeier of Downers Grove North to claim the Downers Grove North Sectional title. English would go on to claim the state title in a big personal best and then state-leading 1:51.94. English has an opportunity at earning All-American honors provided he is still in reasonable shape. 


Section 1 Timed Finals (800m)
1 4318 Sabbakhan, Alahna 19 St Johns Col, Wa
2 2811 Mitchell, Kate 18 Mitchell-Kat, Ly
3 4556 Shawver, Jana 18 Titans Tc-Mo, Gr
4 3955 Salek, Maddie 18 Salek-Maddie, Oa
5 3830 Robinson, MiKenna 19 Robinson-MiK, Na
6 2101 Akin, Emily 18 Hudson Tc-Oh, So
7 3131 O'Sullivan, Caroline 18 Northern Val, No
8 2797 Halbmaier, Elizabeth 18 Minnetonka T, Sh
9 1774 Anderson, Malia 19 Greensburg T, Gr
10 4411 Strozier, Katherine 19 Strozier-Kat, Pe
11 2673 McAndrew, Kate 19 MC Rc-Nj, Denvil

MiKenna Robinson (Jr., Neuqua Valley HS) 800m 

-Coming out of the shadow of her championship level running big brother Isaiah Robinson, Mikenna has shed the "Baby Robinson" moniker. We will get a glimpse as to what type of race does the future of Illinois' half-mile deploy. A solid mix of speed and distance are in order and Robinson is close to breaking into sub-2:10 territory.  Robinson is more of a long shot to be an All-American, but don't count her out as she has seemed to step up when the lights are bright.


Section 2 Timed Finals
1 4006 Bailey, Brent 18 Seashore For, Vi
2 4061 Shilgalis, Thomas 19 Shilgalis-Th, Na
3 4439 Ponder, Cameron 18 Tabor City T, Wi
4 4246 DeKraker, Anthony 18 Spirit of Pr, Sa
5 1267 Pedersen, Jeffery 18 East Greenwi, Ea
6 561 Brittenham, HughL 19 Brittenham-H, Fo
7 2065 Dolan, Sean 19 Hopewell Val, Ew 8 1537 Foster, Nick 19 Foster-Nick-, An

Thomas Shilgalis (Jr., Naperville Central HS) Mile 

Shilgalis has been out to prove something during his junior year since he got injured over the second half of the cross country season. We can't forget his upset win over Zach Kinne of Neuqua Valley at the Naperville Twilight Invitational during the cross country season. Shilgalis took 3rd at state for the 1600m just a few weeks ago. And then the follow up was a state-leading 800m at the St. Louis Festival of Miles where he clocked a blistering 1:51.84. Now with one last opportunity at burning the track under 4:10, it should be a slam dunk.


Heat 5 Prelims
1 2782 Miller, Jalin18 Miller-Jalin, Fo
2 5232 Woodell, Jameson 18 Woodell-Jame, As
3 3553 Pride, Tyler 19 Pride-Tyler-, Le
4 491 Brown, Christiean 18 Boynton Beac, gr
5 568 Brockman, Joshua 19 Brockman-Jos, Ch
6 5102 Greene, Isaiah 18 Westside Tc-, Ne
7 2461 Lewis-Banks, Matthew 18 Lewis-Banks-, Ha
8 3752 Rhodes, Tyler 18 Rhodes-Tyler, Sa

Matthew Lewis-Banks (Sr., Homewood-Flossmoor HS) 110HH Championship/400H EE

Lewis-Banks lifted a huge weight off of his shoulders as he finally made his college decision by signing with Indiana State University recently. With the weight of making a college decision behind him, he can focus solely on NBNO. Lewis-Banks is entered in two events: 110HH and Emerging Elites 400H. Look for one of the state's elite hurdlers to show and prove.


Heat 2 Prelims (100HH)
1 1298 Eaton, Madison 19 Eaton-Madiso, La
2 359 Bieber, Halle 19 Bieber-Halle, Na
3 141 Bowen, Britten 18 Ann Arbor Yo, An
4 2866 Laurencin, Aasia 16 Motor City T
5 4924 Weaver, Lucheyona 21 Weaver-Luche, Fo
6 1358 Ellis, Jayla 19 Ellis-Jayla-, Ve
7 4506 Thomas, Tyra 21 Thomas-Tyra-, Wi
8 5106 Robinson, Taylor 19 Westside Tc-, An

Section 1 Timed Finals (400H)

2 2844 Morris, Cathrina 19 Morris-Cathr, Au

3 1683 Reiner, Caroline 19 Glen Head RC, Gl

4 140 Angerman, Isabelle 19 Angerman-Isa, Du

5 4349 Christian, Imani 18 St Thomas Aq, Fo

6 1769 Facey, Nyile 18 Greensboro P, hi

7 359 Bieber, Halle 19 Bieber-Halle, Na

8 17 Cernej-Garcia, Tiffany 18 Aay Tc-Mi, Ann A

Halle Bieber (Jr., Naperville North HS) 100H Championship/400H Championship

The short hurdles race has provided Bieber her greatest improvement over the last year. It will be a challenge though, to score big at the national level. The key is to gain valuable experience for the next year. The race of interest is the longer version where Bieber is expected to shine. The two-time state champion in the 300H ranked inside the top 100 nationally. Keep in mind that 400H is a different race where tactics have to be planned out accordingly. Bieber is a complete novice here and like the 100H, she will be racing to gain experience and confidence for a big run in 2019.

Section 2 Timed Finals (Steeplechase)
1 1444 Farrell, Liam 18 Farrell-Liam, Hy
2 5133 Wilkins, Carson 19 Wilkins-Cars, Mo
3 2418 Lawler, Nathan 18 Lawler-Natha, Pi
4 1791 Griffin, Michael 20 Griffin-Mich, Wr
5 1618 Garrison, Thomas 19 Garrison-Tho, Ch
6 5159 Hannon, Michael 18 Wilson Memor, Mo
7 2328 Donahue, Aidan 18 Knights, New Yor
8 1021 Czop, Dan 19 Czop-Dan-NY-, Co
9 3004 Nahom, Eli 19 New Milford, New
10 4655 Young, Geordie 19 Trinity Tc-N, Ma
11 1212 Dwyer, Tim 18 Dwyer-Tim-NY, Ba
12 3329 Parrish, Charles 18 Parrish-Char, Fr
13 5362 Scholl, Tyler 19 Scholl-Tyler, Kr
14 4509 Thompson, Ryan 19 Thompson-Rya, Ro

Charlie Parrish (Sr., Freeburg HS) 2k Steeplechase 

-If Parrish stays consistent then he will take 3rd place in this race. In Parrish's two previous steeplechases he has taken 3rd place in both. He ran a 6:09.78 at Texas Relays which is a US#11. It wouldn't be surprising to see Parrish run a sub 6:05 and be a national champion in the steeplechase. With Evan Jager tearing up the world's steeplechase fields could we see two Illinois exports be great steeplechasers?


Proviso West 4x200m Championship/4x400m (Gregory Williamson, Tyrek Anderson, Derrick Crosby, Katrell Askins)

-This is Proviso West's big moment to represent themselves and the state of Illinois on the nation's biggest stage. The Panthers are the only relay team from the land of Lincoln entered. They will start Saturday morning with the 4x200 championship. Though they have run only 1:29.06, it was with a makeshift relay that did not include one top speedster Derrick Crosby. This team if focused and good with the transitions can dip into the low-1:28s... let's see how the 3A state 4x4 champions operate on the big stage. There are four sections and Proviso West is in #2. The lead team is Rush-Henrietta, NY and they sport a time slightly faster at 3:19.15. If the Panthers can win their section and go 3:16 like head coach Johnny Jenkins suggests, then a tense waiting game for All-American status is in order. The top team is Colonial Forge, VA who won their state championship in 3:15.17. 


Flight 1 Finals
1 3408 Persicketti, Thomas 19 Persicketti-, Sa
2 147 McKiver, Mathew 18 Annandale TC, Sp
3 253 Cullinane, Vladislav 18 Babylon Tc-N, Ba
4 3476 Pluff, Zachary 19 Pluff-Zachar, Sm
5 1157 Hale, Ja'Kwan 19 Derby Tc-Ct, Der
6 5321 Pepin, Carlos 18 Pepin-Carlos, Lo
7 813 McBride, Charles 18 Cetc-Nc, Apex, N
8 1450 Faulk, Brandon 18 Faulk-Brando, La
9 150 Anselmi, Mark 19 Anselmi-Mark, Re
10 2836 Moore, Nathaniel 18 Moore-Nathan, Ha
11 3868 Ross, Randolph 19 Ross Jr-Rand, Ga
12 698 Byers, Kolt 20 Byers-Kolt-P, Ea
13 5196 Wise, Dallas 19 Wise-Dallas-, Ir
14 552 Forde, Justin 19 Brien McMaho, No
15 1650 Muteba, Divinus 18 Germantown-N, Ge
16 3706 Reavis, Alex 19 Reavis-Alex-, Sh
17 4363 Ellis, Chet 19 Staples Tc-C, We
18 1660 Gilliard, Joshua 18 Gilliard-Jos, Ma
19 2789 Charles, Smith 19 Milton Wildc, Mi
20 795 Causey, Trey 18 Causey-Trey-, Wi
21 4414 Stuckey, Justin 18 Stuckey-Just, He
22 564 Hinkle, Walker 18 Broadway Tc-, Fu

Zach Pluff (Jr., Freeburg HS) High Jump 

-Pluff has been able to jump 6-8 two times this season, which is a great mark, but it is not an All-American type of mark. To be an All-American Pluff will have to jump into the realm of 6-11. Gaining experience on the national stage is perhaps the most important thing and everything else after is a plus.


Flight 2 Finals (Pole Vault)
1 45 Absher, Lindsay 19 Absher-Linds, Le
2 4390 Stimmel, Kassidie 18 Stimmel-Kass, Ba
3 1949 Held, Josephine 18 Held-Josephi, De
4 1072 Dannenbaum, Caroline 20 Dannenbaum-C, Be
5 3481 Arbiv, Ariel 18 Pole Vault A, At
6 5259 Hirata, Gennifer 18 Xtreme Heigh, Fr
7 4782 Horn, Mackenzie 18 VaultWorX-PA, La
8 3486 Potts, Alex 18 Pole Vault A, At
9 1712 Gossard, Morgan 18 Gossard-Morg, Jo
10 2184 Jauch, Gracie 19 Jauch-Gracie, Fo
11 4437 Szerencsits, Siobhan 18 Szerencsits-, Le
12 177 Murray, Edie 18 Arkansas Vau, Pe
13 4885 Thompson, Kaeli 19 Warwick Tc-N, Wa
14 2730 Mercier, Jessica 18 Mercier-Jess, Wh
15 2080 Horvath, Hayley 18 Horvath-Hayl, Pr
16 3157 Norwillo, Abigail 18 Norwillo-Abi, Du
17 3000 LeLeux, Reagann 18 New Heights, New
18 3491 Drish, Kennedy 18 Pole Vault E, Fi
19 3482 Gignilliat, MacKenzie 18 Pole Vault A, Ma
20 1243 Marrison, Deidra 18 Eagles Tc-Oh, Au
21 754 Carroll, Alana 18 Carroll-Alan, Av

Josie Held (Sr., Mt. Zion HS) Pole Vault 

Held is looking to redeem herself after a less than stellar performance at NBNI, which saw her take 23rd place with an 11-8.50. Held didn't have her best indoor campaign this season as you can argue that her younger sister Rhiannon Held was the better Held sister. Josie has redeemed herself during this years outdoor season by winning the 2A Pole Vault state title after coming so close the previous three years. Josie will be looking to go out with a bang, she is a stretch to be an All-American, but there is still a possibility that she may.


Aliyah Welter (Sr., Monticello HS) Pole Vault 

Welter was unable to retain her 2A state title as Josie Held beat her for it, but Josie was rested as she only had to do pole vault. Aliyah, on the other hand, had pole vault, 300H, and 4x100m. With Welter not having to worry about multiple events it will be interesting to see how great she can jump. She came close to being an All-American last year when she took 13th place in pole vault. Will she have what it takes?


Flight 1 Finals
1 685 Burruss, Edward 18 Burruss-Edwa, Ha
2 4454 Kinley, Marquise 16 Team Kentuck, Pe
3 3385 Pellegrino, Matias 18 Pellegrino-M, De
4 2720 McNeese, Tyrek 18 McNeese-Tyre, Se
5 905 Wood, Christian 18 Clovis North, Fr
6 4206 Shirley, Xavier 19 South River, Arn
7 2550 Mackey, Daryl Jr Mackey-Daryl, Al
8 2834 Montoya, Emanuel 18 Montoya-Eman, Fo
9 629 Bucknor, Quentin 18 Bucknor-Quen, Ga
10 600 Bridges, Anthony 18 Broward Elit, La
11 926 Yang, Adam 19 Colonials TC, Ac
12 2056 Holmes, Jaren 19 Holmes-Jaren, Fr

EJ Burruss (Sr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS) Long Jump 

-EJ Burruss is feeding himself to the sharks by entering himself into this field. After taking 3rd place at the state meet with a 23-3.75 showed he is able to improve and compete with the best of them.


Flight 3 Finals
1 1502 Floriea, Paige 21 Floriea-Paig, Co
2 1800 Gruenwald, Jai 18 Gruenwald-Ja, Ch
3 1388 Evans, Maya 18 Evans-Maya-C, au
4 2617 Marsh, Titiana 18 Marsh-Titian, Ch 5
5194 Tobias, Tionna 19 Winslow Town, Si
6 4689 Carothers, Imani 18 U of Chicago, Ha
7 2911 Gambrell, Breana 18 Mountain G T, Sa
8 2081 Bryant, Claire 18 Houston Chri, Ho
9 1588 Massaquoi, Saraphina 18 GA Racers TC, La
10 1669 Givens, Taylor 18 Givens-Taylo, St

Imani Carothers (Sr., Chicago Brooks Prep) Long Jump Championship/Triple Jump Championship

Imani Carothers has decided to focus on the jumps here and worry about the hurdles in college. The multiple state champion has all-American credentials as well. Carothers could possibly be trying to finally break the 20-foot barrier in the long jump and go 43+ feet in the triple jump. She has a good chance at both and she can certainly be an All-American in both events.


Sam Liokumovich (Jr., Deerfield HS) Shot Put Championship

Liokumovich has been a very quiet breakout star this year in shot put. With the likes of John Meyer Jr, Clayton Hannula, Brad Warmen, Hunter Woodard, Hunter Hendershot, etc. Sam kind of got lost in the shuffle. He took 6th place at the 3A State Championship behind 5 seniors and was the only junior to be an all-stater in the 3A Shot Put. The crazy thing is he improved from a 48-1.25 his sophomore year to a 59-4.50. Sam might be the future of Illinois Throwing next year. 


Chloe Lindeman (Jr., Fulton HS) Shot Put Championship/Discus EE

Lindeman is almost a lock to be an All-American. She took 3rd place at New Balance Indoor Nationals with a 47-2.50. Lindeman had been laying low for the entire meet until the state meet where she popped off with a 47-3.75 to win the 1A title. If Lindeman throws like she did at the state meet, she will be on the medal stand in Greensboro?


Jasmine Mitchell (Jr., Thornwood HS) Shot Put Championship/Discus Championship/Hammer Championship

Mitchell is a rising star in the throws. Only a junior, she is already a multi-decorated athlete who is looking for bling in NC. The 2x 3A state SP champ will perhaps follow the lead of Mitchell and compete for a top six position in both throws. The unknown element here is the hammer which should be fun and might be an event at the next level for her.

Jordan Johnson (Jr, Quincy HS) Discus

If you have a conversation about most improved Illinois track athletes this season and you don't include Jordan Johnson's name, you are crazy. Johnson had to have been waiting so long to get back outdoors and show the world what he could do. In his first meet of the year, he threw a 194-3 at the Quincy Triangler which is amazing when you think about it because this kid was an All-Stater as a Sophomore with a 160-7 and a PR of 161-2! That is a massive jump! If Jordan can continue to throw the way he has been all season then he will be a for sure All-American.


Alexander Babbington (Jr., Plainfield East HS) High Jump 

Babbington has been at this level before and he will continue to rise. He has a personal best of 6-6 which he achieved at state this year. Now is the time to step even more among the big boys. This has been a great year with 17 guys over 17 feet. Some of those competitors will be on the tarmac this weekend.