Inside Edition With John Meyer: He Does It 70 Feet!

So that happened quick! I had a feeling when John put on 30 lbs and his weight room numbers went up significantly in the off season that 70ft might happen indoor. I have always believed though that it takes a while to see increased offseason strength show itself in the ring.

The last two weeks have seen John's distances in practice take off.  It seems weird to say I was disappointed with the tri-meet where he was consistent over 67' but I knew he had a lot more in the tank. His finishes were way too conservative at the board. I sent him some still pictures of the start of his arm strike and his release position alongside Tom Walsh and Ryan Crouser in those same positions and he immediately understood what I was saying.

In the week leading up to our conference meet we threw the shot on Monday and Wednesday and discus indoors on Tuesday. Monday was all heavy shots and he threw right around 68' with the 6k. The only thing that made me nervous was he tweaked his hand a little and it was sore on Tuesday. The NFHS rules still don't allow any tape on the hands or fingers in competition while USATF and international now allow it. This supports the finger joints a little and John taped up his hand a little on Wednesday. He started with a 12 for stands and half-turns/wheels. The shot was just exploding out of his hand. We moved to an 11 for full throws and the first throw was 72'.  Last year his best with 11 was 68' in practice. The second throw on Wednesday with the 11 was a monster. We measured it at 74'3!! At that point we just figured he was ready for Conference and wanted to make sure his hand was fully healed so we called it a day.

At the conference meet we changed up his warmup just a touch. Usually he would take two standing throws (1 non-reverse and 1 reverse) and then go to two full spins. We decided to throw a half turn/wheel in there for warmup at conference. These all went really well and his first practice full spin was around 70' so we decided to stop right there. The first meet throw went 69'5" and I knew he had more. Second throw was 70'4 ΒΌ. First goal of 70' accomplished!! Third throw he got a little off balance and his left foot slipped and he had a sector foul. Finals produced a 67'11, 69'5, 69'5. I thought the last throw was the best technical throw, but he just didn't have the same adrenaline as on the 70 ft throw.

The last 2 weeks in the weight room he has been working up to about 90% triples on box squats and heavy triple on bench with using a top band. Also, we have been doing explosive 3 or 4 exercise contrast training for lower body one day and upper body the other. He will do 1 more week of this to end off the indoor season.

Shooting for another big mark at Top Times!