Rain Could Not Stop The Texas Distance Festival 5k Surge

The event of the TDC was the boys elite 5k which did not disappoint (Jessie McCabe photo)

What is a little inclement weather in March that kids from the Midwest can't handle? Three athletes from the Chicagoland area are very familiar with substandard training weather from late November to... now. So when the weather delays went into effect early evening at host Southlake Carroll HS in Southlake, TX, it was no big deal to Clayton Mendez, Danny Kilrea, and Zach Kinne. Because to these stallons from Whitney Young, Lyons Twp, and Neuqua Valley, either you adapt to training in freezing rain or snow for four months out of a year or you perish. So after some lightning and thunder delays on the undercard, it was time to start the evening shift. 

The race finally got underway as "bandit" Brandon Lange of Timbercreek, TX led the first circle or so followed by Mendez and then Kilrea. Kinne hung near running on the far outside of the top group. Apparently Kilrea and Mendez had a "pact" to trade leading chores. That seemed obvious during much of the early to middle stages of the race as both of them looked around for one another. The first 1600 was in an honest 4:40. Kilrea would then take control of the race from here on out.

Kilrea, as he so often did during the cross country season, began to stretch the field in the second mile. He would hit the 3200 in approximately in 9:21. Kilrea still looked strong as he applied the pressure to the field. Mendez, NXN All-American Carter Cheeseman of Ft. Worth Christian, and Kinne were working to stay in contention. Kinne was the first to fall back and then Mendez. Cheeseman was hurting too, but the straw that he was gasping on still had air in it. There was still hope if he could hold on until the final lap.

Kilrea for some odd reason continually turned his head around as if a boogie man was on his tail. And the fact in the final few circuits he was starting to fatigue gave hope to Cheeseman, that a victory was possible. On the last homestretch, it was a completely rigged up Kilrea trying to hold on in the final meters as Cheeseman and Mendez gave chase. Cheeseman nipped Kilrea at the finish line 14:36.60-14:36.to take the victory and spoil the Midwest bragging rights. 

1Carter Cheeseman11Fort Worth Christian14:36.601
2Danny Kilrea12Lyons Township High School14:36.781
3Clayton Mendez12Whitney Young High School14:38.051
4Eric Casarez12Keller Central14:38.821
5Alex Maier11Flower Mound14:41.491
6Graydon Morris10Aledo14:42.321
7Dereck Elkins12Round Rock Stony Point14:45.591
8Zachary Kinne11Neuqua Valley High School14:47.011
9Adam Dayani12Lewisville Hebron15:01.021
10Luke Estes12San Antonio Christian15:17.631
11Jackson Felkins12Southlake Carroll15:17.851
12Ryan Schoppe10La Porte15:21.821
13Buster Roberts12Luling15:25.651
14Camren Fischer11Fayetteville High School15:31.661
15Kirk Jarrett10Flower Mound15:42.631
16Pete Johnson11Plano West15:49.331
17Caleb Bouchard12Northwest Nelson15:57.961
18Joseph Tiller10Marcus16:01.911
19Juan Arcila12Southlake Carroll16:01.931
20Niles Obar12Frisco Independence High School16:07.451
21Payton Ash12Flower Mound16:19.271
22Aiden Carlson12San Antonio FEAST17:39.001