The Flytime Crew Strikes Again... This Time At NBNI

Dajour Miles, Marcellus Moore, and Katelynne Hart form the dangerous crew known as #flytime

The state's most dangerous track and field crew may also go down as the baddest collection of talent and spunk that Illinois has ever seen in terms of the high school scene. Although all three go to different high schools, they are still a force to deal with. The #flytime crew of Marcellus Moore, Dajour Miles, and Katelynne Hart traveled to New York representing themselves, their high schools, and club Aurora Flyers. Under IHSA rules athletes cannot per se represent an official club or wear team issue uniforms, but they can in spirit. The record haul of All-American medals is an understatement. It is championship mindset that placed these young warriors apart from the masses.