Inside Edition With John Meyer: Inching Toward 70 Feet

It has been two good weeks for John which produced two personal records and two new state records. At the Olivet Nazarene Invite, John struggled a little in the prelims hitting all throws around 65'. His technique looked pretty good but he said the shot felt heavy. The ring is cement so it was a little slower than our wood ring. He took a warmup between prelims and finals where he concentrated on a getting a wider leg sweep and that looked good. John's first throw in the finals was 68'4 for a new record. 

The Homewood-Flossmoor meet had only four throws.The first throw was very conservative right around 64'. After that John was concentrating on getting more aggressive at board. 2nd throw was 67'2, 3rd his upper body got a little ahead in spin and went ~65; 4th throw was 68'6. I thought he looked very solid on that one and attacked board much better. 

Training the last 2 weeks broke down like this.


Shot throwing on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Discus throws into the net on Tuesday.  Monday shot was all heavy , 14 and 6k. Wednesday was 14 , 6k, 12, and 11. Thursday was 6k, 12 and 5K. Emphasis all week on staying in the ring and saving every throw. 

Monday lifting was heavy box Squats. We also started to incorporate more jumps into our lower body emphasis day. Tuesday was upper body emphasis with sets of 5s and 3s in Bench. Starting to emphasis explosive Med ball throws as well on upper body days. Rounded out the day with some rows, seated DB press , Tricep extensions and DB curls. Wednesday was Olympic lifting day with Snatches and Jerks.

2/26 - 3/3-

John threw heavy shots on Monday, Discus outdoor on Tuesday, and some 6k and 5k shot on Wednesday. Last throw Wednesday was around 72' with the 5k so he looked ready for another PR.

Since meet was on Friday, we lifted on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday this week. Heavy Bench and upper body day on Monday. Olympic day on Tuesday, and Heavy Lower body on Saturday. Starting to reduce number of heavy sets on leg day and emphasize explosiveness for last 3 weeks of indoor season.John did weighted jumps with a hex bar and also box jumps on Saturday.

We have a home meet this weekend. John had a big PR in this meet last year. We are hoping for a repeat!!