Carson's Weekend Record Watch Preview: 3/2

The action this weekend is going to be fast and of record breaking portion

We bring to you the second installment of "Weekend Record Watch" after the great response we received from the first week. In this weekly article we look at some of the top invitational meet records from around the state of Illinois and who could possibly tamper those strong holdings.

In these articles we only include the content provided by meet directors and/or other coaches. If you want to be included in next weeks article, email at and we will include you in the offering.


Sterling Gold Medal Invite

Boys Long Jump- JD Gieson (Dixon HS) 21-2, 2014

Brayden Forrest (Jr, Dixon HS)


Boys 60H- JD Gieson (Dixon HS) 8.65, 2014

Reed Vanderheyden (Sr, Geneseo HS)

Colton Pischke (Jr, Geneseo HS)


Boys 1600m- Zach Hird (Alleman HS) 4:21.86, 2014

Jacob Gebhardt (Sr, Sterling HS)


Boys 4x400m- Dixon HS 3:34.68, 2014

Rock Falls HS

Geneseo HS


Girls Long Jump- Jasmine Brown (DeKalb HS) 18-3.75, 2013

Erika Furbeck (Sr, Geneseo HS)


Girls Shot Put- Milan Blissett (Galesberg HS) 38-6.50, 2015

Tayla Schwartz (Sr, Dixon HS)


Girls 4x800m- Harlem HS 10:06.21, 2012

Rock Falls HS


Girls 200m- Anisa Talic (Harlem HS) 27.36, 2014

Erin Long (Sr, Sterling HS)


Charger Invite

60m A- Josh Eiker (Galesburg HS) 6.90, 2016

Marcellus Moore (So, Plainfield North HS)


60m C- Rob Spalding (Centennial HS) 7.24, 2015

Justen Callion (Jr, Oswego HS)


200m A- Josh Eiker (Galesburg HS) 21.57, 2016

Marcellus Moore (So, Plainfield North HS)


400m A- Steven Strange (Oswego HS) 50.35, 2015

Quemarii Williams (Jr, Danville HS)

Kaizer Giddie (Sr, Plainfield South HS)


400m C- James Cole (Belleville West HS) 52.73, 2012

Johnny Jennings (Sr, Oswego HS)


800m A- Wes Schoenthal (Edwardsville HS) 1:57.71, 2015

Phillip Hall (Sr, Danville HS)

Franky Romano (Sr, Edwardsville HS)

Tyler Dunn (Sr, Normal Community West HS)


800m B- Eli Johnson (Mahomet-Seymour HS) 2:01.02, 2012

Michael Cleary (Sr, Normal Community West HS)


1600m B- Jonathan Vara (Lane Tech HS) 4:30.07, 2014

Ethan Prior (Sr, Plainfield North)

Riley Fortune (Sr, Mahomet-Seymour HS)


3200m A- Brayden Hamblen (Rock Falls HS) 9:18.02, 2017

Logan Hall (Sr, Arthur-Lovington HS)


3200m B- Brian Butcher (Mahomet-Seymour HS) 9:46.61, 2017

Mitchell Bradford (Sr, Oswego HS)


Pole Vault A- Zachery Bradford (Bloomington HS) 16-6, 2017

Zachery Bradford (Sr, Bloomington HS)


Pole Vault B- Dan Acton (Geneva HS) 12-6, 2013

Liam McGill (Fr, Bloomington HS)

Matthew Ogilvie (Sr, Oswego HS)

Aasav Shah (So, Dunlap HS)


Long Jump A- Julian Harvey (Edwardsville HS) 22-3.50, 2013

Frank Massey (Sr, Bloom Twp. HS)


Long Jump B- Lonnie Buggs (Danville HS) 20-8.50, 2014

Jalen Bownes (Jr, Bloom Twp. HS)

Brandon Hanneman (Sr, Plainfield North HS)


Coach DiDomencio Invite

3200m- Jeremy Lozano (Lake Park HS) 9:39.36, 2014

Matthew Richtman (Sr, Kaneland HS)


55H- Lucas Ege (Burlington Central HS) 7.91, 2014

Dan Spejcher (Sr, Lake Park HS)

Sam Conger (Sr, Batavia HS)


55m- Michael Pryor (West Aurora HS) 6.61, 2017

Colin Schuster (Sr, Minooka HS)


400m- Michael Stanley (Batavia HS) 51.28, 2017

Brandon Adams (Sr, Minooka HS)

Arroyo Arroyo (Sr, Minooka HS)


200m- Jeremiah Evers (Batavia HS) 23.22, 2017

Brandon Adams (Sr, Minooka HS)


Jacksonville HS Invite

Boys 800m- Heath Warren (Springfield HS) 1:57.63, 2015

Josh Cable (Sr, Rochester HS)


Boys Long Jump- Tony Rolfe (Chatham-Glenwood HS) 22-11, 2017

Connor Artman (Sr, Illini West HS)


Boys Shot Put- James Torgerson (Springfield HS) 52-9, 2013

Andrew Bird (Sr, Warsaw HS)


Boys 60H- Josh Kirby (Peoria Christian HS) 8.42, 2015

Connor Artman (Sr, Illini West HS)


Boys 1600m- Marc Maton (Chatham-Glenwood HS) 4:21.42, 2013

Wyatt McIntyre (Sr, Athens HS)


Girls High Jump-Rachel Rhodes (Williamsville HS) 5-6, 2013

Katie Mans (Sr, Alton HS) 


Girls 200m- Ozzy Erewele (Springfield HS) 25.82, 2017

Ozzy Erewele (Sr, Springfield HS)


Girls 400m- Cassie Mundekis (Midwest Central HS) 59.77, 2015

Taylor Larson (Sr, Bushnell-Prairie City HS)


Girls 1600m- Franny Verville (Dunlap HS) 5:12.20, 2017

Franny Verville (Sr, Dunlap HS)


SIU Girls HS Invite

High Jump- Catherine Claywell (Murray HS) 5-6, 2012

Lucy Lux-Rulon (Sr, St. Thomas More HS)


Pole Vault- Jaci Bickett (Henderson County HS) 12-6, 2017

Aliyah Welter (Sr, Monticello HS)


Long Jump- La'Qwasia Stepney (Cahokia HS) 18-2.50, 2017

La'Qwasia Stepney (Jr, Belleville West HS)


Triple Jump- Emani James (Thornton Fractional North HS) 37-4, 2015

Brittany Walker (Sr, Belleville West HS)


60H- La'Qwasia Stepney (Cahokia HS) 9.02, 2017

La'Qwasia Stepney (Jr, Belleville West HS)


4x800m- O'Fallon HS 10:18.64, 2013

McCracken County HS

Belleville East HS

St. Thomas More HS


4x400m- Carbondale HS 4:09.56, 2013

Belleville West HS


HF ABC Boys Invite

4x800m- Minooka HS 8:20.54, 2016

Homewood-Flossmoor HS

Hinsdale Central HS

Evanston Twp. HS


3200m A- Jack Aho (Grayslake Central HS) 9:51.96, 2017

Alec Hill (Jr, Hinsdale Central HS)


60H B- Donnell Freeman (Crete-Monee HS) 8.70, 2016

Jaden Jackson (Sr, Fremd HS)


60m A- Tyler Elmore (Bolingbrook HS) 6.96, 2016

Joshua Bridges (Jr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


60m B- Shawn Showalter (Bolingbrook HS) 7.14, 2016

Grant Floyd (Sr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


60m C- Jordan Pringle (Bolingbrook HS) 7.08, 2016

Jesuseun Adeyiga (Jr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


800m A- Christian Hoover (Homewood-Flossmoor HS) 2:00.41, 2015

Sean O'Connell (Sr, Hinsdale Central HS)

Logan Singer (Sr, Evanston Twp. HS)

Stewart Keene (Sr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


400m B- Robert Kuhlmann (Lakes Community HS) 51.81, 2016

Julion Michelin (Jr, Evanston Twp. HS)


1600m B- Eli Minsky (Grayslake Central HS) 4:34.28, 2017

Colin Yandel (Sr, Hinsdale Central HS)


1600m C- Luke Vogelgesang (Fremd HS) 4:46.04, 2017

Matt Kusak (Jr, Hinsdale Central HS)


200m A- Tyler Elmore (Bolingbrook HS) 22.53, 2017

Joshua Bridges (Jr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)

Dubem Anikamadu (Sr, Huntley HS)


200m B- Joshua Bridges (Homewood-Flossmoor HS) 23.16, 2017

Grant Floyd (Sr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


High Jump A- Justin Rivers (Bolingbrook HS) 6-6, 2016

Stefan Baldwin (Sr, Crete-Monee HS)


Long Jump A- Remi Simmons (Thornton HS) 22-5.50, 2016

EJ Burruss (Sr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


Long Jump B- Quintin Durov (Minooka HS) 20-9.50, 2016

Christian Reed (Sr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


Long Jump C- Marcell Ellis (Homewood-Flossmoor HS) 20-8, 2017

Jalen Hunter (Jr, Homewood-Flossmoor HS)


Triple Jump A- Jonathan Wilburn (Evanston Twp. HS) 43-2, 2017

Jonathan Wilburn (Sr, Evanston Twp. HS)


Triple Jump C- Leon Nepomuceno (Bolingbrook HS) 38-10.50, 2017

Jamal Perrin (Jr, Evanston Twp. HS)


Shot Put A- Ethan Hanson (Fremd HS) 59-10.50, 2017

John Meyer Jr. (Sr, Lockport Twp. HS)


Apollo Indoor Conference Meet

Boys Pole Vault- Dayton Black (Charleston HS) 12-1, 2017

Alec Morissey (Sr, Effingham HS)

Dayton Black (Jr, Charleston HS)


Boys High Jump- Ethan Grasl (Mattoon HS) 6-2, 2017

Ethan Grasl (Sr, Mattoon HS)


Boys Shot Put- Tyler McCreery (Mt. Zion HS) 47-6.50, 2017

Harley Russell (Sr, Mt. Zion HS)


Boys Long Jump- Kody Line (Effingham HS) 20-2, 2017

Kody Line (Sr, Effington HS)


Boys 4x200m- Mattoon HS 1:39.18, 2017

Effington HS


Boys 4x800m- Taylorville HS 8:40.66, 2017

Taylorville HS


Boys 60m- Noah Patterson (Mattoon HS) 7.24, 2017

Braden Hasty (Sr, Effingham HS)

Kody Line (Sr, Effingham HS)


Boys 60H- John Silva (Mt. Zion HS) 9.29, 2017

John Silva (Sr, Mt. Zion HS)


Boys 1600m- Mason Jones (Mt. Zion HS) 4:39.61, 2017

Nick Oakley (Sr, Charleston HS)


Boys 800m- Mitchell Kremer (Mattoon HS) 2:04.50, 2017

Nick Oakley (Sr, Charleston HS)

Mason Jones (Sr, Mt. Zion HS)


Boys 3200m- Bryson Keeble (Mahomet-Seymour HS) 10:13.05, 2017

Austin Ames (Jr, Charleston HS)


Boys 4x400m- Taylorville HS 3:41.23, 2017

Charleston HS


Girls High Jump- Sarah Flight (Charleston HS) 5-3, 2017

Sarah Flight (Jr, Charleston HS)


Girls Triple Jump- Summerlyn Smith (Mattoon HS) 34-3.50, 2017

Summerlyn Smith (Jr, Mattoon HS)


Girls 3200m- Anna Lowry (Taylorville HS) 12:29, 2017

Kourtney Cordes (Sr, Effingham HS)


Girls 4x800m- Mattoon HS 10:56.51, 2017

Mahomet-Seymour HS

Mattoon HS


Girls 60m- Ciara Thompson (Mt. Zion HS) 8.39, 2017

Sharifa Hurtault (Jr, Charleston HS)

Anna Sigg (Fr, Effingham HS)


Girls 60H- Rachel Ervin (Mattoon HS) 10.66, 2017

Natalie Snyder (Jr, Taylorville HS)


Girls 1600m- MicKenzie Schofield (Mattoon HS) 6:03.82, 2017

Megan Garrett (Fr, Charleston HS)


Girls 200m- Amijah Johnson (Mattoon HS) 28.45, 2017

Sharifa Hurtault (Jr, Charleston HS)



Lady Panther Invite

200m- Yakira Love (Westinghouse College Prep) 26.15, 2015

Brimonet Buggs (Sr, DeKalb HS)

Jariah Turner (Jr, East St. Louis HS)


55H- Imani Carothers (Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep) 8.34, 2017

Imani Carothers (Sr, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep)


Long Jump- Imani Carothers (Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep) 18-10, 2017

Imani Carothers (Sr, Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep)


Shot Put- Evangeline Harris (East St. Louis HS) 43-3, 2017

Evangeline Harris (Sr, East St. Louis HS)