Inside Edition With John Meyer: Late Winter Heater Session

The last two weeks have been very productive. John's throwing has started to catch up to his strength gains from the offseason.

Here is a breakdown of his training. 


We threw on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Monday all heavy shots, 14 and 6k. Thursday was 6k stands and 5k fulls. Saturday meet was postponed because of snow. Saturday throwing practice was subpar. I think this was due to mental letdown due to meet canceling and significant snow shoveling on Friday.

Good week of lifting. Upper body emphasis on Tuesday with heavy bench press. Hang Cleans and Push Jerks on Thursday. John starting to come around on Jerks. In past he has had issues with left wrist bothering him due to old broken wrist injury. Saturday was excellent Box Squat workout concentrating on keeping bar speed over .7 meters per second. Worked up to 365 while keeping speed up. Incline Bench also with .7 m/s speed. Finished up with Medball Bench Throws.


Had to adjust workouts to allow for Thursday meet. Monday and Tuesday were throwing days. Mix of shots from 14 lb to 5k. Getting more aggressive with right leg sweep out of back.

Monday was heavy Bench workout with band assist at bottom. Trying something a little different for Wednesday with a medium intensity Push Jerk workout with emphasis on explosiveness the day before the meet. Day after meet, Friday, did some pause squats and Romanian deadlifts with moderate weight.

The meet on Thursday was exciting. John looked explosive in warmups and opened with a 65'6 throw. Next 3 throws just couldn't quite stay in ring. The more aggressive right leg sweep is getting John a little further across ring in middle and he is not used to be so much into the toeboard on release. 4th throw was 68'4 and I thought he was going to save it until the last second. 5th throw was 65' and 6th was another big foul at 68'4. I think John will learn how to save these throws as the season progresses. In the past he has not been super aggressive at the board and there will be a learning process going forward. This will be the last meet I will post anything online about foul throws. I hope the good ones will be legal from now on!

I thought the experiment of doing some explosive lifting the day before meet went well. John's teammates all looked really strong in the meet.

Looking forward to first big invite of the year at Olivet Nazerene on Saturday.