Rachel Hickey Speaks: Senior Year Journal 2.0

Senior Journal #2: A Week of Doubles

The grind has indeed continued-intensified even. A lighter homework week meant that I had more free time after school, which is rare for me. More time meant more workouts, and ultimately more "double days." This week, my time was almost evenly split between the pool and the weight room. The warmer temps also meant that I was able to have a solid mileage day on Friday. Thus, I present my "Week of Doubles."

Pre-Season Training: Week of 1/14-1/21:

Sunday January 14, 2018

This Sunday marked my first rest day in almost a week and a half. It felt incredibly nice to stay in bed an extra hour longer, knowing there were no morning workouts to complete. However, I still ended my day with a solid core session and some basic hip work. Nothing that would exhaust me by any means, just something to continue to build my base for the upcoming season.

Monday January 15, 2018

Eased into the week with only one workout today, meeting with my strength and speed coach:

·         1-mile warm-up @ the usual 7:30 pace

·         4x800m repeats: 2 high-intensity with 2 recovery

·         Hip mobility/strengthening exercises

·         3x10 curls

·         3x20 inclined sit-ups

Overall, I felt strong during the workout today. I worked hard to push my 800s to paces well under the 3-minute mark. This workout definitely pumped me up, and prepared me to run some real 800s this spring! Ended day with a quick core session before bed.

Daily mileage/yardage: 3.5-miles

Tuesday January 16, 2018

 "Double Day" #1 of the week! Started by running a smooth 3.11 miles at a 7:10 pace. Then, prior to swim that night, I logged a decent weight session: 3x20 hip abductions, 3x20 hip adductions, 3x12 seated dips, 3x12 curls.

Following my workout, I arrived at swim practice only to discover my longest practice of the year was awaiting me. 5,000 yards of swimming (equivalent to approximately 3 miles) with a major focus on endurance swimming. The practice was set up as one long ladder set, with each interval increasing in length (EX: 100 yds.-150 yds.-200yds., etc. etc.) before decreasing back to the starting distance. This practice certainly pushed me more than usual, especially with my weight session immediately before. However, it felt extremely rewarding to go home and make a protein recovery smoothie and lie down in bed that night (after core of course!) and get some well-deserved rest.

Daily mileage/yardage: 3.1-miles + 5,000 yards swim

Wednesday January 17, 2018

Met up again with teammates and my trainer:

·         1.5-mile warm-up @ 7:30 pace

·         Agility drills

·         8-minutes of running stairs

·         2x25 bench @ 55lbs.

My legs were feeling the effects of my intense double from the previous day, so I decided to go home and roll out for 20 minutes. I can 100% say that my legs needed that! Topped the day off with core.

Daily mileage/yardage: 1.50-miles

Thursday January 18, 2018

"Double Day" #2! 2.14 mile run on the dreaded treadmill @ an easy 7:20 pace. My legs still felt slightly cramped and sore during the early portions of the run, but loosened up a bit as I finished it out. Followed that with a small weight session: 5X15 squats @ 175lbs., 3x10 leg extensions, and 3x10 leg curls to round out my "leg day". Then, completed 30 one-arm curls with 20lbs. each hand and some intense core.

Shorter swim practice today to compensate for the longer one earlier in the week: 3,500 yards of speed and breathing work. My coach had me attempt a new breathing technique that would further develop my efficiency in the water. Also had me focus on my kick, which has always needed work.

Daily mileage/yardage: 2.1-miles + 3,500 yards swim

Friday January 19, 2018

"Double Day" #3! Today was a great day of training. With outside temperatures at about 42 degrees, I decided it was high time to get outside and run for the first time in weeks! I couldn't pass up the beautiful "shorts weather"!

 Mileage day with a 7.28-mile run at a brisk 7:02 average pace. I did not check my watch until the conclusion of the run, so I was going totally on feel. This was a great sign for me since my pace felt incredibly comfortable (even the final mile @ 6:40 pace!).

I managed to make it to swim practice today too: 2,500 yards with a 500yd. time trial. I swam a decent 6:09 for my time trial on a practically empty stomach. Since Friday swim practices are at 4:30 instead of 6:45, I went straight from my run to practice with little time for food. Therefore, after my long day I made sure to refuel with strawberry-banana smoothies and a balanced dinner. Ended the day with some core and a roll-out session.

Daily mileage/yardage: 7.28-miles + 2,500 yards swim

Saturday January 20, 2018

Woke up feeling tired and sore-the workouts this week were definitely starting to hit me. However, I still attended morning workouts with my trainer and teammates:

·         1-mile warm-up @ 7:30 pace

·         10xhills: first 6- 50-70-90% gear shifts; last 4- 100% all out as fast as we could go

o   Focus on form, technique, and increased cadences

·         Agility drills

·         5xStarts with accelerations

Lots of sprints with little weight work today, which was a-okay considering all the weights I had already put in earlier in the week. Ended the day with the usual core.

Daily mileage/yardage: 1.5-1.75-miles

Sunday January 21, 2018

Normally, I would not include two Sundays in one week; however, I made an exception this week due to my swim competition today. Raced at the David Wolf Snowflake Sprint Invite and competed in a series of five events:

·         50-yard freestyle (3rd)

·         100-yard freestyle (2nd)

·         50-yard fly (3rd)

·         50-yard backstroke (3rd)

·         200-yard freestyle mixed relay (1st)

 Overall, this week proved to be taxing on my body, but not on my mind. My mentality going into our first official practice on Monday consists of nothing but positivity. I am ready to tackle whatever is thrown at me from here on out! I am also excited to see how far I can go with the remainder of my swimming season, as I am seeing very positive results in the pool. Every day is a new challenge, and I WILL face every single one with determination, grace, and faith.

Here's to the (official) start of my track season: the beginning of the end.