In Her Own Words: Tess Wasowicz

Hello everyone! I would like to formally introduce myself to all those out there who come across this blog. My name is Tess Wasowicz, and I am a member of Palatine High School's cross-country and track program. For the past four years I have pretty much dedicated my life to this amazing sport that has shaped me to become the person that I am today. Being part of the running world has opened up so many opportunities in my life. I have had the honor of being coached by two of the best coaches in the state. I have also had the privilege to be surrounded with loving and amazing teammates, who also happen to be my best friends. This group that I have been surrounded by from day one of cross-country practice has made my experience not only as an athlete, but also as a person, the best that anyone could ask for. Together, we have marched through anything and everything. From the unbearable 50 plus mile week summers, to the crazy pasta parties when survival mode kicks in and we stuff our faces. Through out the next couple months, I will be making some of my last memories ever at Palatine High School.
All right, well now that I have gotten sentimental already, I may as well just cut to the chase. This past weekend we ran in the York Invitational. Our 4x8 team ran an awesome time, with all four running some great times, but there is definitely room for some improvement. Jessica Lincoln ran a personal best of 11:22. She did a great job of keeping the pace rolling up in front by herself. In the mile Cassidy McPherson, Liz Cox, and Kara Burton put up some good times. Our triple jumper, Meg Jump, who is coming off a knee injury, put up some good numbers at the meet. We are all very excited for the MSL Indoor Conference meet this up coming week, and can’t wait to battle for the MSL title. I will be reporting back with results and updates on how these next couple weeks unravel! Stay tuned!   

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