Book Review: Raising Kathryn, A Tale From A Track & Field Dad

One of Illinois' biggest track and field fan happens to be an author. That's right H. K. Fitzgerald of Chicago is the writer and publisher of an aspiring book called "Raising Kathryn." Fitzgerald details the trials and tribulations of raising his daughter Kathryn who happens to be an outstanding student-athlete at Walter Payton College Prep High School.

Sample chapter excerpts-

Can a single dad raise a daughter? Some would say no. There is a double standard regarding single parenting. People are rarely surprised when a woman successfully raises children on her own. Men, however, are often viewed as being incompetent when it comes to parenting, especially single father parenting, but that isn't true. Most fathers are loving, caring, mentoring, sensitive, and emotional men capable of doing the heavy lifting of child rearing. 

This book will take you on a journey of a single father defying the societal expectations and making the choice to raise his daughter, Kathryn, on his own. Whether you're a single father or not you'll find it inspiring to read this uplifting tale of one man overcoming every obstacle to ensure his daughter has the best possible chance in life. 

Chapter 3
It was quiet now that Vanessa's funeral was over and everyone had gone back to their regular routines. I was afraid, unsure of what do, of what might happen. If something did happen, what would I do? I didn't know! I doubted my ability to do this; I had never been this confused and nervous in my life. I asked, "God what am I supposed to do?" 

I started to question my faith. Why did God do this to us? Was he mad at me for something I had done years ago? And now was the time for me to answer for my sins? I didn't know, I didn't understand. I just wanted all this to be a bad dream, but it wasn't; it was real. Baby Kathryn and I were on our own.

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