Tony's Take: Let's Take A Trip Down Memory Lane and Back Podcast

The "crew":  Pierre P, Angela Kerndl, Abe Jones, Tonyprepster, Colin "Colin B Photo" Boyle, Bob "B-side" Jelks, Jeff Bryant, Ray Lewis

Recently I was asked by Jeff Purdom if I wanted to be a guest on his podcast entitled "Track/XC Coaching Podcast." Needless to say that I was beyond measurement in terms of happiness. It was an honor to be asked to be on his show. I've listened to many of the podcasts that Purdom has posted and I was ready to add my flavor to the mix.

For my episode I go inside and discuss my role as a coach and editor for Milesplit Illinois. We also touch base on the sport such as my favorite all-time moments and the passion behind it. Thoughts on the upcomng xc season and how it will be covered are included.

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