Just What Does The Fox Say?

Have you seen the Fox video? 150 million of you have. If not, you should probably pause and watch it on YouTube. Search “What Does The Fox Say?” But be warned, you will never get back the 3 minutes 45 seconds of your life. What comes to mind? Confusing? Funny? Strange? Yes, yes, yes. I can’t quite put it in the unwatchable camp like Rebecca Black, or as I call it, Black Friday. and it is not educational like The Crazy Nasty Honey Badger video; which I consider a documentary. You can actually learn something from that. You learn that if you ever come back in your 2nd life as a cobra, you avoid the Honey Badger at all costs! No, the Fox video is a head-scratcher. I was still trying to figure out what the fox says, when I decided to go right to the best source.

Since this is a running website, why not turn to the most decorated runner with the last name Fox to really find out What Does the Fox Say? Amanda Fox is a sophomore runner at the University of Illinois and she is also the 2011 Illinois 3A cross country state champion from Naperville Central, 2011 Nike Midwest champion; Nike National 9th place finisher and Gatorade Illinois cross country Athlete of the Year.

So Amanda, what is your best high school running memory?

My best high school running memory would have to be my senior year cross country state race. What made it so memorable was how much support my team, as well as the whole school, showed me.

What is the biggest difference from high school to college running?

The biggest difference for me was getting a handle on the new requirements like strength exercises and higher volume workouts. You constantly need to be taking care of yourself by going to the training room after every practice even when you are not injured and being more aware of letting your body recover. Another difference would be the level of competition. When you step on the line you are surrounded by hundreds of talented runners so it takes time getting used to the huge crowd and competition level during races.

What do you like best about the U of I?

The best part would be the team. Everyone is so supportive of each other. We are always trying to help one another because we all want to see everyone do their best.

What do you like least?

I don’ like the walkers that use the bike path to walk as I try to get around them on my bike.

What did you do this past summer?

I helped work the running camp at my high school. I also spent time at our cabin in Michigan.

What is your most embarrassing running story?

That would be when I missed a turn on our home course at DuPage while leading. All the runners followed me except one.

What would be your ideal job after college?

My dream job would be to work for Nike but my realistic goal is to become a physical therapist.

Your running style seemed to change in high school. What did you do?

At the end of my junior year, my track coach, Matt Blondell, was helping me work on my form. I continued to do this over the summer by trying not to over-strike and heel-strike. This helped me become a more efficient runner.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Michigan, at our cabin.

Where do you want to live after college?

If I don’t come back to the Chicago suburbs, I would like to live in Colorado because I love the outdoors and would like to be by mountains too.

Do you have a favorite singer/band?

I like a mix of music, but I’ve always been partial to country music. Keith Urban is my favorite country artist.

Favorite sports team?

Chicago Blackhawks.

Do you have a nickname?

My teammates call me Foxy.

Worst running related injury, if any?

I had shin pain that turned into a stress fracture.

Do you have any advice for the younger runners reading this?

To have patience. There are so many ups and downs in running with injuries and not seeing the results you want, but be patient and things will start clicking. Also, having to take time off from running due to an injury for the first time was very hard because I was lost without running, but so many times people reminded me that running is what I do, not who I am. Don’t let running define you or determine your happiness; make sure you have a balance between other things. Most importantly, always enjoy what you do. If you are not enjoying it, take a break, focus on something else, and come back with a fresh mind and attitude.

What did you think of the What Does the Fox Say video the first time you watched it?

I couldn’t believe how popular it was, but I think it is funny.

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